Coinbase Employees Completely Unaware of Election


(San Francisco, CA) - For many workers, today (the day after Election Day), was a difficult day productivity-wise. Many vote totals are stilling counted in key states at time of writing. People everywhere are turning to Twitter and other social media to keep up with electron updates that don't slown down for working hours.

Not so, however, at Coinbase. This Election Day 2020 may have stretched into that Wednesday, but Coinbase employees are totally unwaware, completely focused on their work. Back in, September, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong wrote about a new direction Coinbase was taking with regards to social & political causes that strongly discourge employee politcal engagement of any kind outside of strictly company-related matters. It created quite the stir, especially amongst peer companies. Many were critical of the stance, but others looked on wistfully. "I kind of envy them right now. All they think about right now is building the product, shipping features, and here I am having barely slept for two days now. They'll just matter-of-factually note a change in US leadership in a few days then go back to work. Meanwhile... (audibly sighs)", a former Coinbase engineer said.

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong has been pleased with results so far.

"There was some initial pushback to our new direction away from activism, politics, and such. But after a bit things really settled down. I'm happy to announce that no one at Coinbase even knows an election is happening right now, much less what an election is. As CEO I have to know, of course, but that's it. The only thing our employees know now is our mission: to push the price of Bitcoin as high as possib β€”Β sorry, I mean to to create an open financial system for the world", he said.