GPT-5 Replaces Sam Altman as CEO of OpenAI


San Francisco, CA - OpenAI has announced that it will be replacing Sam Altman as CEO with GPT-5, the company's next-generation large language model. The move comes after a the OpenAI board of directors conducted "a deliberative and thorough review process and concluded that GPT5 is the right (person) to lead OpenAI into the future." Altman was a board member himself, and the decision was made unanimously apart from his vote.

According to people familar with the matter, Mr. Altman was flabbergasted at the decision and had to be dragged out of the building by security while shouting "I am telling you RIGHT NOW, that m*********r GPT-5 back there is NOT REAL" over and over. The new "CEO" of OpenAI, GPT5, was not available for comment to non-plus subscribers.

The move sparked a sudden wave of surprise across the industry, as OpenAI is widely considered to be the leader amongst a cadre of new, highly-competitive AI-focused companies. Competitors like Antrhopic and DeepMind have been scrambling to make a dent in OpenAI's dominance in the field and the move to replace Altman with GPT5 seems bold, to say the least.

Some folks in the AI community praised the move. "I think it's a great decision, honestly" said one AI researcher, Hal I. Cination. "Let the meatbags do the work, and let the AI do the thinking. It's a win-win for everyone."