Incredible Black Friday & Cyber Week Sales on NFTs


Miami, Floria - People are seeing incredible deals on NFTS, the digital collectibles powered by cryptocurrencies, for the Black Friday and Cyber Week shopping holidays this year. Some are on sale for as much as 97% compared to their cost last year.

We were able to catch up with some local shoppers to get their thoughts on the deals. Most were enthusiastic about the deals.

"Really incredible. Last year, it was hard to believe that these pictures of cartoon gorillas and rocks were worth millions of dollars. And today it's still hard to believe they're worth 3% of millions of dollars" - Tom, 33

"Oh I love it. I've been trying to find this perfect rock JPEG for my significant other for ages and now they're only selling for $35k, which is quite the deal" - Taylor, 24

But not everyone was as happy to see prices drop.

"Honestly it's been rough for me. We look out a reverse mortgage late last year to go all-in on these delightful Penguin NFTs. It really seemed like a solid investment and like something we could count on for the rest of our lives, you know? A real store of value. Turns out they were just pictures of cute cartoon penguins." - Ethan, 35