Report: Many Parents Planning to Give Children NFTs for Christmas


New York, NY - Reports from IRONY (Internet Research Organization of New York) indicate that many parents across the country are planning to give their kids a new kind of gift this Christmas. No, it's not the latest collectible craze or the latest and greatest gaming console. Instead, many parents are giving their children NFTs (non-fungible tokens) as gifts this Christmas. And while the parents may think they are giving their children the gift of millions of dollars, the kids are left feeling anything but jolly.

"I don't understand it," said 8-year-old Timmy, who received an NFT of a virtual kitten as a gift from his parents. "It's just a bunch of numbers on a computer. It's not even a real kitten! I can't even say it's really mine"

Other kids echoed Timmy's sentiments, with many expressing confusion and disappointment over their NFT gifts. "I wanted a new bike or a video game, but instead I got this weird thing that doesn't do anything," said 12-year-old Sarah.

Meanwhile, the parents remain committed to their future-looking ideals. "I spent thousands of dollars on that NFT," said one proud father. "It's a limited edition - only 100 ever minted - and it's going to be worth millions someday. My son is going to be set for life and he'll be thanking me one day."