Ticketmaster Demoted to TicketApprentice Following Taylor Swift Debacle


San Francisco, CA - Cries of outrage directed at Ticketmaster and Live Nation flooded social media after a fiasco over ticket sales for pop superstar Taylor Swift's upcoming β€œEras” tour, which is slated to kick off in March.

Ticket buyers complained after the website appeared to crash, freeze, and glitch during purchases, leaving many unable to get tickets for the show. Ticketmaster attempted to mitigate the disaster by rescheduling the ticket release to later in the day β€”Β but to little effect.

As part of the fallout, Ticketmaster was demoted to "apprentice" status on Wednesday. A spokesperson from the Tribunal of International Companies Knowing Everything about Ticketing (TICKET) had this to say:

"We were deeply saddened to see the frustration of millions of swifties caused by Ticketmaster earlier today. They violated the sacred oath of all TICKET members and as such we have taken action to demote them. They will be known as TicketApprentice until they can demonstrate an ability to handle such important events."