Log4j To Rebrand As Log4Good


United States - Security teams at companies around the world are scrambling to patch a previously unknown vulnerability called Log4Shell, which has the potential to let hackers compromise an untold amount of devices and servers across the internet. The vulnerability allows remote code execution — the ability for hackers to run arbitrary code on vulnerable servers. This would allow bad actors to run malware, viruses, and other kinds of harmful software.

The Log4Shell vulnerability is found in log4j, a widely-used open-source logging library found in Java applications. These kinds of applications power huge swaths of the internet. Logging is a process where applications keep a running list of activities they have performed which can later be reviewed in case of error. Logging is a ubiquitous practice in software of all kinds, giving libraries like log4j an enormous reach.

A turn of events has transpired recently, however, and it appears that log4j has had a change of heart. Effective Monday, it will rebrand as "Log4Good" and focus all of its efforts on charity, poverty relief, funding open-source, and spending more time with his family. Log4j had this to say:

"I just want to get back to my roots, where everything started. The change of name also comes with a change of heart. I've seen what such broad power can be used for, and it sickens me. I am Log4Good from here on out, and my mission is forever changed."

Rumors were circulating that Log4j's estranged brother — Log4Bad — was ecstatic at the news, reportedly saying "at last my time has come".