Bill Gates: My Biggest Regret 'Not Using Windows for Global Takeover When I had the Chance'


(Medina, WA) Bill Gates has been in and out of national news for the past few months as a champion of a scientific, data-driven approach to dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic. He recently took part in a longer retrospective interview with focusing on his time as co-founder and longtime CEO of Microsoft. Some familiar topics came up, including the various corporate clashes with Apple, Microsoft transitioning to being a services and cloud-oriented company, and the early days Windows. Gates' thoughts on these areas have been well-covered over the years and didn't hold much of anything new. But Gates stunned our interviewer when asked what his biggest regret in life was.

"I think my biggest regret in life has to be not using Windows for a global takeover effort when I had the chance. After I stepped down as CEO, I realized pretty quickly I was going to have to find another way to institute widespread surveillance and control mechanisms. I mean Windows was called 'Windows' because it would allow me to see everything, everywhere. But I got distracted and by the time I was stepping down I had missed my chance. So I had go with Covid-19. Not as sexy, but so far it's gone pretty well. More to come on that once a vaccine arrives in around...well I don't want to spoil the surprise.

Conspiracy theories have flourished online during the coronavirus pandemic, and most are easily debunked on a factual basis - if not so easily removed from the internet. But Gates seems to have confirmed, at least in part, his ambitions for global domination and control.