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VC Firms Unsuccessfully Trying To Meet With Founder of Viral Startup


(Sand Hill Road, Menlo Park, CA) - Venture capitial firms throughout the Bay Area have been trying unsuccessfully to get in touch with the founder of Covid-19, noting it's explosive growth and ability to quickly launch in different areas around the world. Firms also cited it's striking resemblence to prior investments. "Honestly, it reminds me a little bit of Uber when they were peak-scaling. Ruthlessly launching in different geos around the world. Absolutely ignoring the regulations of local and national authorities. And I love that."

Other firms were looking to get in on the ground floor before it was too late to maximize their investment. Some had missed out on other now-humongous companies like Facebook or Uber and see this as their big chance. One Patagonia-vested partner had this to say:

"When you see this kind of growth, you have to get in on it. Figure out monetization later, you know? Scale is where it's at. Scale. Scale. Scale"

Most firms seem to not understand what sort of business Covid-19 was really in. Many had assumed that the "-19" in the name was the Y-Combinator batch year of the startup. Peter Thiel was said to be leading the effort.