Apple Says It Time to Start Using 'Summer' Side of MacBook Pro For Charging


(Cuptertino, CA) - Apple is recommending that all MacBook Pro users switch to the right, or 'Summer' side of their MacBook Pro when charging. This is after users reported signficantly higher CPU usage and higher temperatures when charging their MacBook on the left side.

An Apple spokesperson responded to users reports:

"Like all Apple products, the MacBook is designed to fluidly and elegantly adapt to every part of our users lives and provide an insanely great experience. We were waiting for the right moment to reveal this, but we've actually created "Summer" and "Winter" sides of the MacBook Pro. This is also part of our global strategy to ensure users can charge effectively year-round in both hemispheres"

Many users remained skeptical and wondered whether it wasn't just a minor thermal design flaw, but some expressed hopes that Apple would someday create Spring and Fall modes, too.