10-ex Engineer Discovers Incredible Job Search Loophole


(San Francisco, CA) - Local software engineer Chad Bosworth has reported a remarkable turn of luck in his most recent job search. Chad was recently terminated for purported "lack of cultural fit" and has been searching for a new job as a software engineer for around 8 weeks. Recently, though, he has reported a flood of incredible job offers. When asked what he had started doing differently, he had this to say: "Not much really. Same resume, same interview style. This is the tenth time being fired, though, so I started calling myself a 10-ex engineer."

Since beginning to describe himself as as 10-ex engineer, Chad has reported a veritable flood of recruiters cramming his inbox full of sight-unseen offers from all the major tech players in the Bay Area. "I don't really know what it is, but the minute I let them know that I'm a 10-ex engineer, they fall all over themselves to make an offer. I think it must be the fact that I've learned so much from these last 10 firings. If this next gig doesn't work out, I can't wait to seee what happens when I'm an 11-ex engineer".

At press time, Chad had reportedly been fired again after his manager asked him "what does it mean to you to be a 10x engineer?" in his first 1-on-1.