Zoom To Launch Streaming Service


(San Jose, CA) - Video conferencing software company Zoom is apparently looking for new worlds to conquer. After completely dominating the video conferencing space, the company has announced that it will be launching an online-only streaming service focusing on "real world content", dubbed ''. A spokesperson from the company said that "you should expect to see a wide variety of content at launch, ranging from business-oriented behind-the-scenes to families bonding during quarantine. We'ev secured access to a huge content library and we feel that's really going to set us up for a strong launch."

The so-called "streaming wars" aren't taking any kind of break - even for the global pandemic. The space is crowded with cash-loaded competitors and a deep IP benches. So what's going to set Zoom's new entry apart?

"We feel we'll be able to deliver real-world content to our viewers in a way that no other media company can. You should expect to see everything from college classrooms to behind-the-scenes meetings at companies like Uber, Delta, and Box. You might even see one-of-a-kind exposes of sensitive goverment discussions and other exclusive Zoom content." (company spokesperson)

All shows will feature a unique camera angle that nearly-exactly mirrors that of Zoom's video conferencing software.

The service will start streaming exclusively in China and roll out to the rest of the world within the coming weeks. When asked about the name of the service, a company spokesperson declined to comment.