Zillow Releases Home iBuying Algorithm


San Francisco, CA - The software-driven real estate company Zillow has announced it's throwing in the towel on its "iBuying" program. The iBuying, or instant buying, service also known as Zillow Offers had recently been bogged down by a backlog of renovations and closings caused by labor and supply shortages in the U.S. housing market. Zillow disclosed Tuesday that it lost about $304 million in the third quarter alone from the program. The losses stemmed from purchasing homes at higher prices than it now expects to sell them at. In the third quarter, it bought 9,680 homes but sold only 3,032. In an attempt to calm investors, the company also released the source code for their buying service… read more 🏃‍♀️

Twitch Goes Completely Open Source


San Francisco, CA - Streaming company Twitch has gone completely open source. The company released a massive trove of code, internal data, and even software to the general public, including: 3 years worth of details regarding creator payouts on Twitch. The entirety of, “with commit history going back to its early beginnings.” Source code for the mobile, desktop, and video game console Twitch clients. Code related to proprietary SDKs and internal AWS services used by Twitch. An unreleased Steam competitor from Amazon Game Studios. Data on other Twitch properties like IGDB and CurseForge. Twitch’s internal security tools. The timing and nature of the move surprised many, leading to… read more 🏃‍♀️

Zoom To Launch Streaming Service


(San Jose, CA) - Video conferencing software company Zoom is apparently looking for new worlds to conquer. After completely dominating the video conferencing space, the company has announced that it will be launching an online-only streaming service focusing on "real world content", dubbed ''. A spokesperson from the company said that "you should expect to see a wide variety of content at launch, ranging from business-oriented behind-the-scenes to families bonding during quarantine. We'ev secured access to a huge content library and we feel that's really going to set us up for a strong launch." The so-called "streaming wars" aren't taking any kind of break - even for the global… read more 🏃‍♀️

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