Bitcoin Moves to Proof-of-Steak


Core engineers and leaders working in the Bitcoin community have reached an accord to transition to a "proof of steak" model for mining the cryptocurrency, sources say. The change comes after a massive unwinding that erased nearly $1 trillion across cryptocurrency markets last week. It's also thought to be in response to a common critique of Bitcoin and similar cryptocurrencies: massive energy inefficiency due to the intense energy needed for proof-of-work mining. We were able to get in touch with Satoshi Nakamoto, a cryptocurrency hobbyist, to help us better explain the change and what it means for markets: "Really what's happening here is that Elon Musk caught us red-handed. He's totally… read more 🏃‍♀️

Coinbase Employees Completely Unaware of Election


(San Francisco, CA) - For many workers, today (the day after Election Day), was a difficult day productivity-wise. Many vote totals are stilling counted in key states at time of writing. People everywhere are turning to Twitter and other social media to keep up with electron updates that don't slown down for working hours. Not so, however, at Coinbase. This Election Day 2020 may have stretched into that Wednesday, but Coinbase employees are totally unwaware, completely focused on their work. Back in, September, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong wrote about a new direction Coinbase was taking with regards to social & political causes that strongly discourge employee politcal engagement of any kind… read more 🏃‍♀️

Investigation Finds Docker Desktop Just Distributed Cryptomining System


A recent investigation has revealed that the Docker desktop application is really just a massively distributed system for bitcoin mining. An engineer frustrated by rapid battery depletion took a deeper look into why Docker was taking so much energy to run and noticed a few things were off. "After my laptop started levitating due to high fan speed, I decided to take a look into what was going on in there", they said. Their investigation revealed several shocking findings. It seems that Docker appears to be a front for running an extremely large crypto-mining operation. "I found that the Docker runtime itself was actually more than 90% dedicated to mining Bitcoin and appears to have been… read more 🏃‍♀️

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