President Biden Invokes Meme Defense Production Act


(Washington, D.C.) — A flurry of changes and executive actions have defined the the first few days of the Biden presidency. The new administration faces simultaneous financial, domestic, and economic crises. Amidst a series of executive orders targeting these crises and other policy areas, the administration has started leveraging a little-known piece of legislation: the Meme Defense Production Act.

This act, proposed on Reddit and ratified on Twitter, allows the governement to leverage vast swathes of the internet towards a common goal. There are unconfirmed reports of its use in a military capacity in the past ("bean dad"), for political gain ("covefe"), and to promote general citizen morale ("how it started / how it's going"). But it has never been used overtly.

On Thursday, President Biden signed an executive order leveraging the Meme Defense Production act to ensure that a photo of Senator Bernie Sanders sitting at the inauguration would be photoshopped into as many images, videos, and gifs as humanly possible. Press Secretary Jen Psaki had this to say in a briefing following the order:

"President Biden's executive order invoking the Meme Defense Production Act will provide Americans with a much-needed dose of laughter, as well as generate thousands upon thousands of hours of time spent not thinking about the pandemic, recession, or recent insurrection. We hope to completely saturate all notable images, gifs, and other forms of visual media with Senator Sanders by March. We want 100 million memes in one hundred days. We are also grateful to Senator Sanders for his gracious support in this effort."

Our vast team of investigative journalists were able to scour the internet and find a sampling of some of the fine work the Meme Defense Production Act has already produced in a few short days:

  • "Say it. Out loud" bernie sanders chair meme

  • "One for the ages" bernie sanders chair meme

  • "Berniehawks" bernie sanders chair meme

  • "TKO for all" bernie sanders chair meme

  • "meme-ception" bernie sanders chair meme

  • "Not me. Us." bernie sanders chair meme

  • "Pam ❤️ Bernie" bernie sanders chair meme

  • "I am asking again to destroy the ring" bernie sanders chair meme

  • "Buy the Bern" bernie sanders chair meme