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AWS Close To Running Out of Service Names


(Seattle, WA) - Sources inside Amazon Web Services (AWS) tell us that they are "close, even dangerously close" to running out of obscure names for upcoming web services. "Our obscure name generator service, Fable is reaching the limits of what it can do. It's a very real possibility that we'll have to use descriptive - even meaningful names soon. We're in a very dire situation here and aren't sure what to do next," said an official speaking on terms of anonymity told us.

AWS is known for its dominance in the cloud computing space as well as its dedication to keeping services running as long as customers find them useful. However, it has also shown a tendency to name things in, err, less-than-helpful ways. Consider:

  • SageMaker
  • Polly
  • Fargate
  • Greengrass
  • Sumerian
  • Systems Manager

These are all real service names and we challenge our readers to try to guess what any of these do without prior knowledge of the service. With AWS finally reaching the upper limit of obscure service names, however, there appears to be hope for users. "Finally. Looking forward to scrapping my cheat-sheet I have to keep pasted next to my desk just to navigate the AWS console," one engineer said. What remains unclear, however, is whether AWS will resort to acronyms again - potentially unleashing a whole new onslaught of naming possibilties. Only time will tell.