Thousands of 'Smaller, More Scalable' Microliths Appear Around the World


(USA) - The year 2020 hasn't been dull; if anything, it has been increasingly full of surprises. In the latest strange turn of events, a number of large metal monoliths have appeared across the globe in remote places. The sightings have ranged from deep in the red-rock desert near Moab, Utah to the coastal Isle of Wight off the UK. But as if that wasn't enough, there has been strange a new development in the saga: thousands and thousands of "smaller, more scalable microliths" have appeared around the world, seemingly in response to the monoliths.

The microliths' sudden appearance has further confused people. But some in the tech world seem to know what's going on. We were able to speak to a few folks and get their thoughts on the microliths:

"Not a fan. The monoliths were clean, simple. Some might even say, majestic".
- David Heinemeier Hansson (Creator of Ruby on Rails, the word "Hey")

"I really like the microliths. If you think about it, they're more agile and more scalable. And there's so many, each one can do just one thing well. We need as many of these as we can possibly get"
- Jamie "Neckbeard" Wellsingston (Staff Software Engineer, ex. Uber/Netflix/Amazon/Google)

"THIS IS THE WAY. I think we'll need a system to keep track of all of them them though...I have some ideas"
- @scaleordie (top Hacker News commenter)

"Weren't things fine the way they were? It feels like we've lost focus on what the point of the monoliths was in the first place"
- Anonymous Senior Engineer

At time of the writing, the creators of the microliths were rumored to have greatly regretted their approach.