1700 Google Actually Engineers Working on New Chat App, Not Covid-19 website, Company says


(Mountain View, CA) - President Trump announced that 1700 Google engineers were hard at work on a website to help with the Covid-19 pandemic as part of an address last Friday, March 13th. Google has since announced that, contrary to what President Trump noted, that only 17 engineers were working on the site (Verily). The spokesperson did, however, confirm that there were indeed 1700 engineers dedicated to it's next messaging/video chat service.

"We feel we've allocated our resources appropriately and really think this time....what time is it? The fifth? Whatever - we definitely have it this time"

Google has been known to launch and then shutter products, even as industry rivals like Amazon have kept online services running far beyond their prime. Killed By Google tracks all the projects and services Google has sunset over the years - nearly 200 as of the time of writing.

The new messaging application, dubbed Google Chat 2020, is scheduled to launch in late May and scheduled for depcration in early 2021 at the latest. "We've decided to get aheead of it this time and just let you know that 1) we're going to shut it down and 2) we don't care and this is just how we do things now", said a spokesperson for the company.